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NSBE National Convention

NSBE’s Vision is a world in which engineering is a mainstream word in homes and communities of color and all Black students can envision themselves as engineers. The Annual Convention looks to be your catalyst for a strong and solid foundation to be built for our communities of color that focuses on how engineers are created and retained.

Fall Regional Conference

If you are unfamiliar with what Fall Regional Conference is, it is a convention that gathers NSBE chapters from around the region to collectively improve ourselves professionally and to motivate everyone to continue studying engineering. The goal of the Convention Planning Committee this year is to support this vital work by presenting an event that will invigorate your spirits and energize your minds. Keep earning membership points to have a chance to get sponsorship for the convention!


Registration is now in session for the SIDE college shadow program. Aimed at exposing elementary, middle, and high school students the life of college. The form to register is in the link below or by phone.   
Griffin Fuller 708-712-2182


Nights of Power 

Nights of Power brightens the vision of our organization to help everyone stay on top of their classes. The study session is a wonderful way to fellowship with other members of the chapter and gives you access to tutoring.